Prenatal Yoga: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45am at Elka Yoga and Wellness Center

Lovely Birth strives to support women as they discover their immense power through pregnancy, childbirth and Motherhood. Our prenatal yoga classes are designed to support your changing body by helping alleviate aches and pains that come with pregnancy. We will also focus on building strength inside and out so you go into birth and Motherhood feeling strong and confident in your body.

Baby and Me Yoga: Last Friday of every month at 10:45am at Elka Yoga and Wellness Center

Our Lovely Birth Baby and Me class is perfect for new Moms and Dads who are ready to get active with their babies! This class focuses on gently building strength in the pelvic floor and safely introducing core work into practice. We also work on forging strong connections with baby through gentle touch and massage. This class is only a $10 drop in!.